JFRoche Photography

JFRoche Photography captures the incidentals in daily life that highlight "Life's Simple Beauty".

Rodeo....One of the most exciting events  in America.

Cowboys and Cowgirls, Bucking Broncs and Brahma Bulls, all giving everything they've got. 

Barrel Racing, where the horse and rider are one. Perfect timing and athletic ability in a drive to beat the clock.

Bucking Horses, both bareback and saddle, exciting when it goes well, dangerous when it does not.

Bull Riding, takes a lot of grit to mount something that has nothing else to do but get you off, and then look out.

Steer roping and bulldogging, a great way to spend and afternoon on a fine summer day.

Enjoy the images of these unique performers. They're all part of "Life's Simple Beauty".      

There is much more on this website, and by clicking the  "Home" icon you will go right to the main page. Enjoy.                                                            

Life's Simple Beauty....It's all around us.


James F. Roche Jr. 

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