High School Athletics, basketball in particular, and girls basketball, which had been put on the map by the UCONN Women's team some years ago, is one of the more exciting sports to watch.

Most of the team member have been in the sport for many years, beginning very young with the parks and recreation leagues. It is an amazing thing to watch their development through the years as they hone skills and become invested, as athletes, in the game.

Coming up through the years until finally it's High School Varsity. The gyms are full of parents, grandparents and fellow students. It becomes "all business" and the game is taken seriously by the players.

It teaches teamwork, sportsmanship and responsibility. It helps to embrace the wins, and accept the losses. It molds these youngsters into adults that will make a difference in our society. 


Life's Simple Beauty....It's all around us.


James F. Roche Jr. 

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