JFRoche Photography captures the incidentals in daily life that highlight "Life's Simple Beauty".

From horses and farm animals, to landscapes, still life, and sports, it's the candid moments that make photo images interesting. A simple metal latch, or a train passing through new snow, and the remnants of an abandoned factory, each has its own beauty.

The galleries here were created just for the Open Studio Virtual Exhibit of 2020. 

Many Americans have suffered hardship during these trying times and if being able to peruse this website brings a small amount of pleasure for anyone then my efforts are worthwhile.


There is much more on this website, and by clicking the  "Home" icon you will go right to the main page. Enjoy.                                                            

Life's Simple Beauty....It's all around us.


James F. Roche Jr. 

Clicking on the "Buy Photo" button in each image will bring up a price menu from Bay Photo, who will process prints, or you can contact  jamesrochejr@gmail.com with any questions or requests. 

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